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Post-operative Programs

Operation Smile Morocco provides post-operative care for patients who receive surgery during an Operation Smile Medical Mission. The post-operative programs are conducted one week, six months and 12 months after the patient’s original date of surgery.

Patients will be given the dates and locations of these post-operative medical examinations. The post-operative examination determines the next step of the patient’s medical treatment plan.

Comprehensive post-operative care for patients will include examinations with plastic surgeons, pediatricians, dentists, speech pathologists as well as patient and family counseling.

Patients requiring additional surgery will be scheduled for surgery during upcoming Operation Smile medical missions.

Patients, who live in the Casablanca area and require follow-up sessions in speech therapy, or additional dental or orthodontic care, may receive treatment at the Operation Smile Morocco Care Center.

For more information about Operation Smile Morocco’s post-operative programs, please contact:

Fouzia Mahmoudi
Vice President Morocco, Regional director, MENA
Tel: + 21222823835 =
Fax: + 21222856155

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