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Education Programs

Education Programs: A step toward sustainability
  • Operation Smile Morocco invests in medical education and training opportunities that promote sustainability and self-sufficiency throughout the country.

  • Operation Smile Morocco organizes hands-on workshops through which volunteers and community healthcare providers can improve and expand their knowledge and skills.

  • Medical education conferences are organized on a monthly basis at Operation Smile Morocco’s Comprehensive Care Center in Casablanca

  • Operation Smile Morocco has provided medical education opportunities for visiting Palestinian and Senegalese medical professionals.

  • Operation Smile Morocco medical volunteers participate in hands-on training and attend lectures during Operation Smile International Medical Missions.

  • A variety of educational opportunities are provided during an Operation Smile Medical Mission, from a formal medical conference to an informal workshop on a specific skill or technique.

  • Educational programs typically address the medical specialties of: plastic surgery, anesthesia, nursing, biomedical technology, speech pathology, dentistry, and child life.

  • An education mission or program may include a “Guest Educator” who is internationally recognized in their field.

  • During a typical mission-based education program as many as 100 in-country healthcare workers benefit.

  • Operation Smile Morocco is dedicated to helping establishing Operation Smile programs and projects in the neighboring countries of Algeria, Libya, Mauritania and Senegal.

  • Operation Smile Morocco sends physicians to the annual Operation Smile Physicians' Training Program (PTP) - held at Operation Smile’s headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia, USA. PTP brings doctors from around the world together for training in their respective specialties.

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